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Did you know that much of our lack of confidence comes from not feeling enough? For many of us, feeling accepted for who we are has come with conditions. To be loved we needed to be quiet, perfect or "seen but not heard" for example. The "enoughness wound" is universal. When we heal it we open ourselves up to receiving more, becoming more and having more. 


I will be releasing a limited number of incredibly powerful transformation HeartHealing® meditative journeying sessions (which includes a personalised downloadable success imprint recording) to address the enoughness wound at a never to be repeated introductory offer of $99 mid June (these sessions are sold around the world at $250 upwards). But, because you have already committed to your transformation and trusted me to guide you through that, I have a once only offer for you right now to pre-purchase one of these sessions for just $49. They will be available for booking from the end of June through to the end of August. 


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