Preparing for what exactly?

I love podcasts and I love Glennon Doyle so it’s no surprise she didn’t disappoint when I listened to her podcast the other night. She was talking all things parenting with a couple who had recently adopted a baby and then she dropped this truth bomb….

We think mothering is about preparing our children for the world, when in fact what we should be doing is preparing the world for our children.

I don’t know whether it was because I had my pregnant daughter visiting and sleeping in the other room or if I just heard something that made so much sense, but I’ll admit it – I fist punched the air in that moment even though it was around 2:00am and it woke me from my slumber…

Too often we just go through the motions. Feeling like its groundhog day. When in actual fact, every day gives us the opportunity to make a difference, to build on what we have started, to contribute to the collective consciousness. I mean what a reason to get up and go to work every day, right?

It feels to me like we’ve been hoodwinked into believing that the best work we do for our kids is when we are at home taking care of them. When in fact the most important work we could be doing is outside of the home making the world a better place for them. One that will accept them for who they are. One that will give the opportunities regardless of where they have been or what they have done and one that will treat them as a whole person not a number or a statistic. And, hey let’s not forget one that is sustainable and will keep them healthy and allow them to enjoy the natural miracles all around them.

So next time you’re feeling like it’s all too much of a juggle or experiencing parent guilt because you’re off to work, rushing the kids out the door, remember the important contribution you are making to their future.

And, just as importantly draw inspiration from this purpose to speak up, exert your influence and have a say on the things that matter the most - because now you know they do!

BECOME the confidence you need to be to create the world and legacy you want to leave for your kids. It really is our most important work.

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