You have taken the first step in ensuring that your New Resolutions will stick! Over 80% of people have forgone their dreams and aspirations for the new year by as soon as February and over 90% will do the same by the end of the year. We don't want that for you! If you follow my four step plan, take the time to do the work, complete  the 30 day journal and use the guided visualisation I have created to support this program then you are well on the way to success. The thing is, what lies between where you are now and your dreams and aspirations for the future - is time, effort and a whole lot of discomfort. Knowing this, acknowledging it for what it is when it arises and allowing it to pass will be the icing on top of your success cake! 

So take your time, dig deep and do the work. Let's do 2021 by design!


Attached is your workbook and journal which will take you through the 4 steps you need to set your New Years Resolutions. You will:

  1. Reflect on the year gone by and the reason why you want to make change and set new goals.

  2. Reimagine what life could like like and who you would become in the process of achieving these goals

  3. Reframe the limiting beliefs you have about who you are and your worthiness to receive

  4. Reset daily habits and behaviours to set you up for success 

Also included is 30 days of journal prompts to help you embed these new ideas, beliefs and habits. 


Step Two is about reimagining a new future. One that encompasses the changes you want to make and the person you will become in the process. 


Step One is about looking back before we can look forward. taking time to reflect on where we spend our time, effort and energy gives us clues into where we need to focus. 


Step Three is about uncovering the limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding us back and creating new more empowering meanings.  


Step Four is about pushing the reset button and putting things in place to make sure that the daily practices you adopt support your future vision. 


Print out the journal tracker and put it up somewhere visible. Cross off each day as you complete the journal entry and know that you are embodying new beliefs and new habits just by taking this daily action 


The attached audio guided Future You visualisation has been designed especially for this program. Use it daily and as your future vision becomes clearer add more detail, colour and texture to your visualisation experience. 

01 Future You Visualisation
00:00 / 07:57

It can be hard work doing this on your own. So if you would like to continue the journey of designing a life and/or a career you love with a community of like minded women you can join my courses which I run live. 

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