Are you ready for the wise woman?

This week is the final week for the current round of Life. Done By Design. It’s divine timing as we head into Autumn next week - the season of reflection and contemplation. For those of us living in the southern hemisphere in cities where we get the four distinctive seasons Autumn is the reminder of constant change. We get to feel the drop in temperature, experience the reduction of light and witness the changing colours of the leaves as they prepare to drop for winter.

So, what does a season of reflection and contemplation offer?

Well, if you are anything like me, then you too will love the sense of living within a living system. I love the idea that there is a time for everything. For the sun to rise and the sun to set. For the tide to go out and the tide to come back in. For each season to come and each season to go.

You get the picture, right?

Therefore, the idea of a season to reflect and contemplate where we are at and where we are going feels luxurious to me. The notion that we have the permission to stop, dream, consider and play with the varying ideas of who we are becoming and how we want to live through the next cycle of seasons is something we need to be reminded to do. Our lives are so busy, we get stuck on autopilot and we don’t give ourselves the gift of leaning into what intentions we want to lay our foundations on.

For women Autumn is the season of the wise woman.

For post-menstrual women it’s the time experience and knowledge is consolidated into a deep knowing. For menstruating women, it is the premenstrual phase. Regardless of where we find ourselves on this spectrum it’s the time when we are compelled to speak our truth – unfiltered and unedited. Exactly what we need to be able to do to move through old stories and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. Spending our Autumn in deep contemplation and reflection allows us to uncover the truth of who we really are.

This is the season for us to use our intuition to guide us in making big life decisions. To tap into our psychic abilities and trust our no BS detector that is on high alert! And what better way to honour the wise woman than to allow ourselves the gift of insight she offers.

If you would like to welcome in Autumn and connect to the powers of the wise woman then join me for my FREE 5 days of seasonal affirmations. It’s a ritual I do at the beginning of every season to harness the unique energy each has to offer.

Living in sync and honouring our cyclical nature connects us all to living systems and gives us a roadmap to live life and follow the ebbs and flows of mother nature herself.

PS You will receive a complimentary journal and a bonus affirmation when you sign up to the FREE 5 Days of Seasonal Affirmations which will officially begin on Monday 1st March 2021.

PPS Want to know more about being a woman living in sync with the seasons then download my free guide Doing You In Every Season on my Free Resources Page.

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