Are you ready to welcome the crone?

Winter is just around the corner for us here in the southern hemisphere and for those of us in the nation’s capital it certainly feels that way! After a mild Autumn a cold front has put an end to that as we all head into the back of the cupboards reaching for the coats, the gloves and the winter boots this week.

Like summer, winter is a divisive season. Some love the colder temperatures, the rugging up, the comfort food, the days inside, the quiet and the bareness that winter brings. For others its oppressive and depressing. It feels constrictive and unproductive as winter calls us to slow down and rest.

Heading into a new season is a constant reminder there is always a right time and right order for us to do the things we need to do. Mother nature sets the beat. We just need to take her lead, surrender and follow the rhythms and flow.

So, what does a season of darkness, rest and contemplation have to offer?

Winter is the season of hibernation, reflection and regeneration. It’s the season we go inwards and face the darkness and release that which is no longer serving us. It’s the season to rest, reflect, release, journal and listen to the guidance that comes from our higher selves.

Rest during the winter season allows us to replenish. It gives us the gift of time. Time to prepare for the new beginnings we contemplated in Autumn. It’s a powerful and spiritual season that if we embrace will serve us well as we enter a new cycle.

For women, winter is the season of the crone.

She’s the woman who visits us during our menstrual cycle. She is old and wise and represents the woman who is now in menopause. She knows that by embracing our cycles we learn and collect information about ourselves, others and the world around us. Because of this she can now own who she is, knowing she already contains the four seasons within her. This gives her a wide-ranging perspective on the world and a wisdom that comes from embracing these experiences.

Living without the constraints of social expectations she contains a wisdom and a power that we all long for. When we embrace the crone during wintertime, we open ourselves up to see the truth in our lives, our relationships and our actions. She will take us to the darkest corner of ourselves and shine light, giving us the chance to shed the parts of us that no longer serve who we are. Allowing us to space for something new to be created.

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Living in sync and honouring our cyclical nature connects us all to living systems and gives us a roadmap to live life and follow the ebbs and flows of mother nature herself.

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