Calling all sign lovers...

Are you one of those people who looks for signs?

I am! I love nothing more than a universal nod to confirm that I’m heading in the right direction.

I had one this week and it wasn’t until I put a few things together that I was able to enjoy the fullness of it.

It all started on the 22.2.22 when I picked up my phone and it was 2:22 in the afternoon. It was such a coincidence that I had to screen shot it.

Then as I was thinking about my Seasons of Affirmations ritual which I’d opened for enrolments the day before I was reminded that it was during my first round that I learnt about angel numbers (a repetitive sequence of numbers that are shown to convey a message from the divine).

I thought that was pretty cool until I then realised that my screen saver where I’d captured this angel number was of a gorgeous Autumn tree that I’d captured during a walk the previous year. And, yes Autumn is the season we are heading into in the Southern hemisphere.

So, not only did it feel like some encouragement from the divine as I’ve been procrastinating about getting back into the swing of things for the year as I continue to wait for my new home to be ready, but I also felt she was lightning things up as my work in this space has been sooo heavy lately.

As women who are so deeply connected to the ebbs and flows of life, that when we tap into her natural rhythms, we allow ourselves to manage our energy through both the heavy and the lighter times.

For us, Autumn represents the wise woman. She’s akin to our premenstrual selves. Or for post menstrual women she’s a culmination of the experience and deep knowledge we’ve attained from a life well lived. She is the time when we feel compelled to speak our truth. To bare our souls and say what is really on our mind. She’s reflective, contemplative, unedited and unfiltered. She’s tapped into her intuition and her psychic skills are highly attuned. She makes Autumn the perfect time for us to unveil what is truly important to us and to consider, plan and prepare for who we want to become as we continue to grow and evolve through the seasons.

If she sounds like the part of you that you would love to tap into over Autumn, then join me for my FREE five days of Seasonal Affirmations ritual and as a community lets tap into the insight she hold for us individually and collectively.

I’d love to see you there.

PS Sign up now and get immediate access to a beautiful downloadable journal that you can use over our five days together. You’ll also get a bonus affirmation to get you started!

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