Celebrate, commiserate & heal

I feel truly blessed as a business owner. I belong to a number of amazing business communities of women supporting women. They are a go to place for celebrating, commiserating, and healing.

Yep, you read that right celebrating, commiserating, and HEALING.

Let’s start with celebrating. There aren’t many places we are allowed to celebrate our success out loud. After all, women who talk about themselves are loud, aggressive, boastful, and unfeminine, right?

Well not here!

In these groups we share and celebrate everything from business growth, to raising prices, to hiring team members, private chefs, housekeepers and gardeners. We celebrate a first sale, a first social media post, a trip to the hairdresser, a photo shoot, a 10K month a 100k month.

Here we are allowed to talk about our success. We are normalising acknowledging and celebrating.

When we expose ourselves and participate in what can be an uncomfortable truth, we are preparing our parasympathetic nervous system for more. And that, in simple terms equals expansion.

We also commiserate. We share our fears and failures. We look for support and guidance. We ask others to share their experiences so we can learn from them. We remain open to view these situations in a different light. We turn things around for eachother. A big tax bill means we have a successful business and we get to contribute to our community services. A refund request is an inevitable part of business maturity, as is a hater. We send each other virtual hugs, our best advice, our heartfelt thanks as sharing also helps normalise business fears.

We learn from eachother that it’s ok to get things wrong. That we aren’t for everyone. We are reminded how brave we are by choosing to do things differently. That we are chartering unknown waters.

Through having a go, we are creating the world we want to live in.

And, finally we HEAL. We dig deep to uncover the root of our fears and sabotaging behaviours. We recognise when we are getting in our own way or when we are up levelling and resisting the growth on offer. We share our memories, the old stories and limiting beliefs that we are still carrying with us from our childhood. We understand the power of being witnessed as we heal these wounds, many that run so deep it takes something challenging for us to see them.

We expose ourselves, we are vulnerable, and we are each offered the opportunity to find our own version of this every time someone shares theirs.

Then, as each one heals, the others get to calibrate to their new level of energy, bringing the whole group along for the ride.

These communities typify what the sisterhood is all about. Women supporting women. Women who bring their masculine doing energy and their feminine being energy to the fore. Women who have reconnected with their past. The knowledge, the wisdom and the superpowers of their ancestors. Women who no longer want to live and work in a patriarchal way.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we had this in our workplaces?

If as leaders, we encouraged celebrating our successes not in a superficial way but in a way that promotes growth and expansion.

If as leaders, we were encouraged to share our failures, knowing that we would be supported in a way that facilitates change and innovation. What if failure was about creating a new paradigm? A paradigm built on hope and possibility, not fear and reprimand.

If as leaders, we were encouraged to heal. That, instead of being told to role model, look outside ourselves or follow a set of predetermined traits that make great leaders, we could go inwards. That self-awareness and self-reflection ARE the hallmarks of a good leader. That being curious about what we do, how we react and what we think IS the pathway to authenticity as a leader.

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After all, leadership is better done by design, (and not by default!),

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