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Updated: May 25

Want to be confidence?

No, it’s not a typo. And yes, it’s a genuine question!

You see being confidence is different to having confidence.

When we have confidence, it suggests that it is something outside of us. Something that we desperately hold onto. Something that can be taken away in a moment of indecision, faltering, uncertainty or in the presence of someone who seems to have more of it than we do.

Think about it this way...

Have you ever had the experience where you’ve felt like you where the expert, had the most talent or were the most known for something only to have someone else arrive on the scene and snatch it away from you?

  • Maybe you were challenged, and it created a seed of doubt and dimmed your light.

  • Maybe they offered a new approach, doing something differently to how you did.

  • Or, perhaps their reputation grew as a result of being in the right place at the right time.

  • Or you did know more but for some reason everyone thought someone else did - just because they spoke louder, with more clarity and with more confidence.

I have.

I remember for example, being a kid at school and our class being asked to verbalise the letters to spell out the words on our spelling list as the teacher read them out randomly from her list. I enthusiastically participated until, in front of everyone, she asked me to stop and let someone else have a go. I still remember the shame I felt, as if I had done something wrong, when moments ago I had been confident, flying high as spelling was my thing. As you would expect I stopped being the first to answer anything after that experience.

Confidence left me that day.

I also remember occaisons at work where I was spoken over, disagreed with and even ignored when presenting or leading discussions on organisational training and development. Even though I was the ONLY one in the room with graduate and post graduate qualifications in this field. Even though I was the ONLY one in the room with a career long dedication to this professional. Even though I was the ONLY one with years of experience navigating the difficulties and complexities of organisational change in this field!

Confidence left me those days too.

If only I knew then what I know now.

Which is that the ONLY ways for confidence to stay with us no matter what happens around us it to become it rather than have it.

You see, when we become confidence, rather than have confidence, we embody it. It becomes part of who we are. We believe it, we feel it, we speak it, we behave it, we project it, and we ARE it. It’s no longer separate to who we are - it IS who we are. It’s aligned to our 5 facets of being (physical, energetic, emotional, mental & spiritual).

When we come from this position then it can’t be taken away. We get to keep it regardless of what happens around us. So, if you want to be more confident at work, if you want the confidence to speak up and be seen, if you want the confidence to put your ideas forward and argue your case then you need to become confidence not get more of it.

Want to see what I mean? For a limited only I’m offering a FREE set of resources, which when used consecutively for just 28 days will allow you to show up as confidence in every facet of your being.

You can access them here. Imagine what could be different for you in just 28 days!

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