Cost or investment?

Do you invest in yourself?

No, I mean really invest in yourself.

You know, in understanding who you are, what you want from life and from your career.

We’re so good at investing in things to mitigate a crisis– like getting our car serviced, taking out household insurance, buying new clothes to feel a certain way, getting our hair done to look the part– that sometimes we forget to invest in the real us.

  • The ones that’s filled with passion and purpose.

  • The one that put themselves through Uni or TAFE to create a career that lights her up

  • The one that has sacrificed in all sorts of ways to get to where she is now.

  • The one that agonised over the timing and order and things.

  • The one that has pulled all nighters to get a work assignment done amongst the other responsibilities she carries.

  • The one who lies awake at night not always sure she has the balance right.

For those of you resonate, YOU are your best asset. YOU are the pathway to financial freedom. YOU are the creator of purpose and meaning in your life. YOU are the one you can rely on when the chips are down.

So why do you leave it to others to invest in you? Why do you let your organisation decide what’s best for you and when it’s time to invest in your professional development?

In other words, why don’t you invest in you?

Take charge of your own career?

Look after your biggest and best financial generator?

For many of us, it’s because we’ve never considered ourselves this way. We wait for other to recognise our potential before we do. We need someone else to validate that we are worthy of the expense. We consider coaching, counselling, or courses as a cost rather than an investment in our future.

So, I want to challenge you on that.

I want you think of you as an asset.

A self-determining being who is in charge of her own career, her own fulfilment and her own destiny.

What would you do if you saw yourself like that? Let me know in the comments below.

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