Dream the possibilities

Are you a daydreamer? I am? I love to send myself off into another world where I can be a rock star, change the world or just getting revenge on those who have p*ssed me off by becoming famous or well known! I’m one of those people that can drift off in an instant.

For others day dreaming is a waste of time, a self-indulgence and a call back to the real world. For me it’s a place to escape to.

What is it to you?

Dream the Possibilities is the overarching theme of our week over in my Life.Done By Design course this week. I could have called it creating a vision or envisaging your future, but besides the fact that they don’t start with D and therefore would mess up my framework, they don’t actually encapsulate the mystery and pure indulgence of dreaming.

For me dreaming, and in particular daydreaming is a full body experience. It’s when you are conscious enough to know, feel and experience life in your imagination but you’re not so conscious that your automatic biases shut you down or judge you for being too fanciful or big for your boots. It’s the place between those two spaces.

The place where magic is made.

You see when we get to feel and experience life in this state our mind can’t determine if it’s real or not. And when we experience this bliss we want more and so the job of our mind is to scan the environment, filter the millions of little bits of information it's receiving and bring forward more of the opportunities that will help us feel that way – whether we are daydreaming or not.

By opening ourselves up to daydream we get to experience things we wouldn’t otherwise. It allows us to open our minds to infinite possibilities and to play and connect to parts of ourselves that we keep hidden and locked away. Daydreaming allows us to fantasise, try new things, experience emotions that many of us may not have experienced since we were kids. Emotions we have forgotten about that we can get back in an instant and then make the decision to keep if we choose to!

Daydreaming is a process of becoming, of letting go and opening up. A process to tap into and experience the deepest, most glorious expressions of you.

So, take off the armour for a bit. Put on a flowy dress, buy yourself some flowers and unleash that wild and untamed girl in you. Let her run free through a flower filled meadow. Let her lie in the dewy grass with the sun warming her face, close her eyes and take some time to dream the possibilities….

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