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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

This week’s blog is all about New Year Resolutions. I promised I’d share mine and so this is where I’m going to do that and stay accountable. But before I spill the beans let me just say how much I LOVE a good New Year Resolution. There’s just something about starting the new year that’s exciting. It’s a combination of the anticipation of what lies ahead, the possibilities that haven’t unravelled themselves yet and the prospect of looking back on another year and thinking “wow, did I really do that!”

Now while I’ve loved the New Year for as long as I can remember I haven’t always fully grasped the concept of using it as a time to map out my main goals and objectives. In the past I’ve stuck to the usual resolutions and then either surprised myself by achieving them or shrugged my shoulders when, yet another had passed, and I was still carrying that spare tyre around the middle (do you hear me on that one?)

Now I use most of December and January to set my goals, really feel into them and experience what it will feel like when I achieve them. Then I can work out what little things I can do every day to keep this resolution alive and the chances of success high.

So here’s where I’m at so far for 2021….

1. Be Mortgage Free – I have this overwhelming desire to have complete financial freedom. I want to know that if the bottom fell out of my world, I have a roof over my head. I want any income we generate to be all ours to spend as we choose. Whether that be to reinvest in our businesses, help our kids out, donate to charity, travel or just buy some stuff! Autonomy and freedom are core values we share.

Side note: There is a side story to this purchase that I’ll share next week as it relates to setting goals, decision making and our mindset on what we think is possible and what's actually possible.

Here are the steps I have in place to make this happen:

I centralised all our banking, so all income now comes to us through a single bank account where I easily see where our money is and how much we have. I’m being a good steward of our finances and paying it proper grown-up attention!

I set up a realistic weekly budget that goes into a separate account and pays for groceries, entertainment etc. If we have weeks where we need more, we take it from the main account. This provides a pattern interrupter and it makes us stop and activates decision making. This can’t be done on autopilot.

I make regular weekly payments to us from our businesses. I do this straight after I’ve paid the wages. I prioritise this over every other payment made. Therefore, every week I remind myself that our goals are a priority and that we deserve to be paid for the work we do in our business.

I do paid consultancy work. I take real action to assure success.

I listen to the debt free screams on the Dave Ramsey podcast (don't judge me)! I get to feel and hear what it will be like to be completely debt free.

2. Launch and develop Leadership. Done By Design – This course is my baby. It’s the reason I set up Done By Design and I have real passion and drive to make workplaces better. I’ve had this drive since my University days. I’m at the point now where the fear of regret is greater than my fear of failure.

Here’s the steps I have place to make this happen in 2021.

I have set the dates, marked them on the calendar and sold some spots on the beta course through my Christmas bundle. I have made a firm commitment.

I am completing a LinkedIn masterclass to activate my professional profile and offer my services publicly. I’m connecting with the people I can best serve.

I’m about to start an internationally accredited coaching certification so I can update my qualifications and expertly embed the embodiment techniques that will make this course stand apart. I’m investing in myself and backing my unique offer.

I belong to a number of professional networks where I can hang out with my peers, learn from them, share stories and get the support I need to keep on going when the going gets tough.

I put my hand up to every opportunity I get to speak with working women to test out my messages, get their feedback and remain open to their ideas and their needs.

3. Health – that spare tyre I mentioned earlier. Part of it’s still there! So, this year I haven’t fully fleshed out my health goal other than to know I have one (again!). What I do know though, is that if I want a different result then I’m going to have to do things differently to make exercise a happy time in my regular schedule. So, for now I’ve decided to join a gym and each week I’m going to schedule 3 classes a week in every Sunday and fit everything else for the week around that. Is it my ideal exercise NO! But I need to exercise my way to the answer! By doing this I’m reminding myself that:

I do what I say I’m going to do.

I’m allowing myself to have the feel-good hormones that get released after exercise.

I’m making a practical commitment by booking (and therefore taking up a space in the class that’s not then available to someone else): and

I’m building momentum which should help clear the exercise blocks and make way for new ideas on what I can do that will make me want to jump out of bed in the morning to do it.

Can you see how I have some deliberate actions in place to set myself up for success? I have routines that provide constant and regular reminders of what I’m achieving. I have small consistent actions that have compounding benefits. I do things that reinforce the mindset I need to keep going and I surround myself with people who support me along the way.

New Year Resolutions (or any goals for that matter) cost us time, effort and discomfort. It’s part of the growth that comes from stretching yourself. It’s why it feels so good to have achieved them. Recognising this and welcoming it as a positive sign you are heading in the right direction is an affirming way to live life on your terms.

If you’ve got some big plans for 2021 and want to do the work to set yourself up for success, then I’ve got two things to help you get there.

1. A FREE downloadable guide on the 5 mistakes to avoid when setting your New Year Resolutions located on my homepage – when you download this guide you will also get the opportunity to sign up for a home study option.

2. Life Done By Design a 6 week live online guided course where I will take you through my signature system for designing a life you love. The perfect start to a new year as I’ve added some bonuses for this round too!

So what are your new year resolutions? What are you going to be saying on December 31 about how the year panned out for you? Are you ready for it!

I know how good it feels to work towards the things that make your heart sing. I'd love to help you with this so hit reply, comment on my socials or leave a question below and lets get those New Years Resolutions working for you!

PS. Life Done By Design starts Monday 11th January so be quick if you want to make this round. Feel free to hit reply if you want to discuss if this is the course for you.

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