Just How Courageous Are You?

This is a question that often rings loud in my ears. It was asked on a podcast I listened to recently and was followed up with the question – and what are you prepared to give up in order to get where you want to go?

On the surface this seem like a pretty sensible follow up question. But on reflection – realistically, what am I prepared to give up, to get where I want to go?

If you are anything like me, you tell your kids they can be anything and go anywhere, that the world is waiting for them. You talk them through their fears and concerns, you inspire them, encourage them and tell them they can’t fail. That there are only lessons on the other side of trying. You want them to live without regret, you silently will them to be adventurous and explore the world and you cheer them on every opportunity you get.

And yet, we don’t do it for ourselves. “I grew up in a different era” we say. “Things were different when I was young”. “I don’t want you to feel the same pressure to conform like I had”. “We didn’t know any different”. “We didn’t have the internet or social media”. But we are now in the same era, more than ever we know what’s important to us now we have some life experience to draw from, and we have equal access to the internet and social media.

So, what am I prepared to give up to follow this crazy idea of going into a business where I have to reveal my true self, expose myself to ridicule and criticism and potentially fail for all to see? I’ll have to give up my anonymity which as an introvert is frightening. I have to face my deepest fears of rejection and not being good enough to do something like this and I have to commit to getting out of the way and doing whatever it takes so I have no regrets no matter the outcome.

Am I prepared to do it? Yes I am. Because this mission has been on my mind and in my heart for as long as I can remember. It wakes me up at night, it hasn’t gone away even though I’ve turned my back on it and it lights me up every time I ponder the possibilities. If I don’t do this I will always be left wondering. Finally the time has come when the pull towards it is greater than the push away from it.

So here we go. I hope you’ll join me and together we can draw strength from each other and show the world just how this is done.

What will you have to give up to get where you want to go?

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