Leading with courage and vulnerability

There are so many new words that being bandied around the leadership scene. The words themselves aren’t new but they are in the context of leadership. So, here’s a few to get you warmed up…. mindful, present, empathetic, vulnerable…..

Now you might say that you’ve heard these words associated with leadership before, but I’d challenge anyone to see if they’ve heard these words as often AND in so much mainstream media. You see these words are standing on their own two feet. They aren’t pre-cursors to concepts of productivity, employee engagement or cost saving strategies.

Covid has certainly put a spotlight on the role of leadership in leading people through a significant global event. It’s asking us to put the people side of things ahead of the other p’s – projects, productivity and profit and this is great right?

Well yes, in theory it is. But the problem is just saying you need to be more vulnerable at work to be a great leader and oh here’s a few attributes to try, isn’t actually enough. There seems to be an assumption that we all know what to do. The problem is (and you might be relieved to hear this) most of us don’t.

So, what does this mean for you and your quest to lead with courage and vulnerability?

In short it means you have to chart new waters. You have to dig deep and find the parts of you that are brave enough to show up authentically and act in ways that align with your beliefs and your values. You have to throw perfectionism out the window and be able to turn up to work with all of you turned on. The parts of you that worry, the parts of you that laugh too loudly and the parts of you that get things wrong. We’re not taught to do this, and we’re certainly not taught that it’s ok to show up like this at work.

So, what’s a gal to do?

This is where you need to make a decision about what type of leader you want to become (and let’s be clear there is no right or wrong answer here). But, for those of you who want to loosen up, who want to shake off the shackles and try something new this post Covid world is issuing you an invitation to do just that.

If you choose this path it will take the type of courage that requires you to be vulnerable with yourself first. You will have to peel off the layers of social conditioning and be honest about who you really are when you aren't being who everyone expects you to be.

In other words, it's an inside job.

If your curious about what this might look like then download my latest publication Leading with Courage and Vulnerability where I give you the five things you need to know when considering this path. How do I know? Because I’m on it!

So…. ask me anything and let’s get this conversation started.

PS I’m not joking! I’d love to hear your questions and start a conversation. If you don’t want to sign up the site to make a comment (aghh…. sorry a tech thing not me) then simply send me an email or head over to my socials and let’s chat there.

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