Polar Opposites

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Life is full of polarities. After all we can’t have light if we don’t have dark, we can’t experience joy if we haven’t experienced despair and we can’t go up if we haven’t been down. These polarities are universal energies. Energies you can nurture in yourself and energies you can use to draw things to you.

Masculine and feminine energy is one such energy polarity. Now, before we go any further let’s just be clear that these energies are NOT gendered. Rather they sit across a spectrum and when we find our perfect place on that spectrum, at any given time, we find balance. One could not exist without the other.

So why are we talking about this?

Because if we are to step into our potential, live and lead with intention and take personal development as a means of developing our professional skills then understanding where our sweet spot on that spectrum lies is essential. After all, if we are out of balance, it’s likely we are displaying some unhealthy or even toxic behaviours.

So back to finding balance. We all have both masculine and feminine energy. It’s the degree to which we prefer one more than an another that makes us all individual. Both serve their purpose and ensure as we ebb and flow through life along this spectrum, we achieve balance. The balance between being (feminine energy) and doing (masculine energy).

Think of the feminine as the energy that creates. It is the energy that allows us to contradict time and space. The energy that taps into intuition, takes guidance from a higher self, and can bring seemingly formless possibilities to form. It’s the energy that embodies frequency, that sits on a plane and attracts things to it rather than going out and chasing them. It’s the energy that allows us to descend into the shadows to find meaning and express emotion. It’s cyclical seeing the world as interconnected and doesn’t need a logical map to move forward.

Masculine energy on the other hand is stable and more predictable. It creates rules and structure and likes following logic. It is more linear in nature. It is action orientated, methodical, progressing from one step to the next using discipline, focus and will power to get there. It is brutally honest and has a sense of righteousness even if that means hardship or not being liked. As such the masculine energy is perfect for shaping fate into destiny through action.

If you look at these two energies, you can see how they synchronise to bring dreams and desires to life. The feminine allows the possibility and the masculine provides the disciple to take the action required. Allowing both creates that sweet spot for balance.

Without this balance we are unfulfilled. We have either forgotten how to dream or lost the confidence to take the action required to turn those dreams into reality. We finish the day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated and stressed. We might be labelled aggressive if we are overly masculine or unfocussed if we are overly feminine.

For those of us who identify more with the feminine energy at work we can find we called to act in a more masculine way. That our feminine qualities are NOT valued in that setting even though all the research shows that diversity in leadership creates the best outcomes.

Cultivating this sense of balance and have the confidence and courage to live it both personally and professionally is an inside job. It’s at the core of the question of – who am I becoming and what action will I take to get there?

If we don’t ask this question, we run the risk of falling into step with what is expected of us (often based on our gender) rather than exercising choice over who that will be and the path we take to getting there.

The good news is we DO get to choose. We can live in the spaces between these energies as we decide what to embody as we flow into the feminine to dream and desire or step into the masculine to do and take action. It's creating this consciousness that allows to find our balance while living and leading in a world that doesn't always want us to lean into our preferences.

Give it a try and see how it feels to make this choice and embody this energy in the way you want to. Hit reply and let me know what changes for you.

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