The Ultimate Challenge

If you’re like me then you want more for your kids than you ever think is possible for yourself.

It was this that propelled me to gift my three young adult children a ticket to the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event for Christmas, not last year but the year before. So, in September 2018 two of the three joined me in Sydney for an unconventional weekend of mother and son bonding.

My eldest decided early that his role was to guard his brother and I from entering the cult. My youngest was trying his hardest not to be influenced by his older brothers scepticism while dealing with the unknown. As for me, I was going to have this experience in all its glory and give it everything I had regardless of who was there, who was watching and what anyone might think of me – ahhh…. the liberation that comes with age!

By the end of day 1 (around 10 hours) my eldest was tapping his feet to the music, but still on guard and the youngest had loosened up a bit and was giving it a go. By the end of day two the eldest had decided it wasn’t a cult and we no longer needed saving so he relaxed a bit and took a bit more in. The younger one swapped between some crazy mum time and cool brother time. In amongst all of this was the promotions of all the other programs you can buy, happening of course after very little sleep, a lot of loud music, yelling, NLP activities and general hype. I had been waved off from home with the strict instructions NOT to buy anything while I was there (which was good advice because I was ready to buy it all!) – so instead I declared I would be the human experiment and “do all the things” and see where it took me.

As part of my commitment to the experiment and “doing all the things” I managed to convince husband to come to the next Tony Robins program - Date with Destiny which is a 5 day intensive. One of the things we had to do was write ourselves a letter which would be sent to us six months after attending the program and I just received my letter this week. And yep, I’ve stuck to my commitment (most of the time) to “do all the things” and yep, EVERYTHING in that letter has materialised – even the things that were outside my control. Did I just get lucky? No, I got focussed.

On reflection, I had the opportunity to take time out from the real world and enter this crazy, hyped up surreal place where time and routine is lost and anything becomes possible. What I learnt is that setting dreams and aspirations from this place of unlimited possibility breaks down self imposed barriers and beliefs, it gives you a sneak peak of what you really desire and what stirs in the bottom of your soul before the walls of reality shut you down and tell you can’t have/do it.

I’ve always been interested in personal development. But I’ve come to realise during this experiment that I was a passive consumer. So, while what I have read and listened to has influenced me and my beliefs and shaped who I am, it hadn’t propelled me into deliberate, decisive action, until now. So now as I near my 50th birthday it’s time for action. It’s time to become that person that I got a glimpse of when I entered that surreal world of endless possibility. I’m awakened to the fact I’ve been dreaming too small! It’s time to take this experiment to a whole new level!

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