The Secret

Where were you and what where you doing when you watched The Secret? You know THAT movie – the one about the law of attraction. That one that since it was released back in 2004 has sold over 30 million copies of the book of the same name. The one that holds the record for being on the best seller list for the longest time.

I was living here in Canberra a recent single mum with 3 kids. My sister who had two kids of her own, and I had a rare afternoon where it was just the two us – no kids and no husband for her. Just us and her super-sized labradoodle Paris (more lab than poodle which meant she shed A LOT of hair but that is another story). So, we did what any self-respecting parent did, and we ordered hot chips from the fish and chips shop, made a pot of tea and borrowed The Secret from the video shop and spent the afternoon lounging on the couch watching it in awe as the idea of manifesting was brought to life on the big screen.

It was a film of firsts. Rhonda Byrne, an Australian filmmaker, had an awakening and so she used her skills as filmmaker to create this movie. It was for us anyway, and for all intents and purposes, like watching a sci-fi movie. It had it all. The big names in personal development, the music and the special effects. We loved it. At the end we weren’t sure if it was the actual film itself, the indulgence of an afternoon lounging with hot chips or just the joy of some kid-free, sister-bonding time. But whatever it was we had a great time and talked about that afternoon for years to come.

I was reminded of all of this recently when I listened to Rhonda being interviewed in a podcast. She has a new book out and it’s called The Greatest Secret. She has been rarely interviewed over the previous years (except by Oprah of course) and this is one of her firsts for her new book. In the book she talks about The Secret, her great awakening and her natural abilities to simplify complex topics.

Anyway, I was excited to see this come up on my podcast feed because if you remember, last week I told you I was manifesting a beach house. What I didn’t tell you was that I’m actually a master manifester. I’m especially good at manifesting big things. In recent times I manifested over $10k to cover the shortfall to buy my dream car outright, I manifested over $100k for a renovation, I manifested a diamond ring from my husband who “hates” diamonds and I manifested the cash needed to set up a second retail outlet debt free just to name a few.

One of the things I heard on this podcast which resonated with me was that the more we understand the laws of attraction and closer we come to understanding we are connected to the source of this law, and not separate to it, the better we become at manifesting - and the more detached we become from the outcome of what we are trying to manifest. The thing is the more we align ourselves with our true nature, the more we crave order and simplification. We begin to truly understand at a cellular level that peace and happiness comes from within and not from the external things around us. So, while we might live in nice houses and drive fancy cars, we no longer look to these things to validate us or to make us feel good about who we are. I have spent the last three years doing just this – stripping out the complexity and simplifying my life. Now I understand why!

Manifesting for me has now become fun and no longer a necessity.

So, what is this great secret to manifesting? At its core it’s our beliefs. It’s what we tell ourselves with the 60-80,000 thoughts we have every single day – most of these subconsciously, many negative and most of them on rinse and repeat. It’s what we believe about ourselves and our worthiness to receive. If you want to be able to manifest a life you love, then you MUST change your core beliefs. You need to replace them with empowering ones. Ones that reconnect you to who you REALLY are without the social conditioning or the outdated meanings you have attached to them.

This week I’m doing my FREE 5 Days of Seasonal Affirmations that I do to embrace the energy of the different seasons – a simple and fun way to capture your thoughts and replace them with more empowering ones. There is a science to this and the way to magnify the effect of these positive affirming statements. As we’re learning there’s more to it that just the repetition.

As women we have these incredible rituals at our fingertips. They were practiced by our ancestors and their magic is alive in us. We’ve lost this connection in the busyness of modern life, but it’s still there and we can reclaim it. If you want to a new way to be in the new year, if you want to reclaim your womanly magic, live with less stress, overwhelm, fear and scarcity then my six-week program Life.Done By Design might just be for you. I’m about to open a short early bird window for pre-purchase for the next course starting 11th January 2021. This pre-paid offer will be lower than the official launch in January. If you want to know when it becomes available, then join the waitlist on the sales page. It will only be made available to those on the list for a few days next week. It won’t be made public and there’s no obligation to buy.

But, I would love to help you manifest a life you love in 2021.

PS The full sales page has all the current details (the offer will change for the early bird period). This includes a few testimonials from previous students.

Here’s what Donna had to say after recently completing Life.Done By Design.

Before I completed this course, I was floundering and couldn’t find anything that resonated with me. Life. Done by Design did and now I have a clear path going forward, I feel less burdened and lighter in my soul.

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