The time to breathe

Even though it’s on the other side of the world, it’s hard not to write about the events in the United States over the past 48 hours. The first conviction EVER of a policeman for the murder of a black American man.

And while this trial was underway. I myself was learning new breathwork techniques. The ability of the breath to heal and transform. Learning how to use the breath to bring about life and energise the central nervous system. The use of breathwork in coaching to slow things down, to process emotions, to allow the client to move out their old stories and limiting beliefs, to bring them into the present moment.

And it was the last breath that George Floyd took that led to that conviction. The catch cry of the movement to bring about justice being we can’t breathe until you can. And today, was the day George was able to breathe again. No longer is the nation, indeed the world, holding their breath awaiting to see if this time justice will be served.

On the other side of learning breathwork I was teaching the second of two parts of women’s sources of power in my Leadership. Done By Design course. Talking about stepping into a new paradigm of power. Understanding that as women we hold our power within our bodies through its deep connection to the earth. The place where we are grounded where we nourish and serve through the way we choose to be in the world. Recognising that collectively women aren’t standing in their power as evidenced by the state of earth. The destruction, the greed and the constant climb for “power over”. Power over the earth and her resources, power over each other, power over our own vulnerability.

And so, as these three worlds collide – that of global citizen, student and teacher I can’t help but see the desperate need for us as women to step into our power now. Not the one that dominates but that one that motivates us to say that we can’t wait for someone else to make the first move. We can no longer be passengers waiting for something to change.

We are the creators, the birthers and the nurturers of new life. We are the keepers of the earthly wisdom that lives deep inside our bodies. We are the ones who can be the change we want to see in the world.

It’s time to dig deep and take our place as real leaders. And, in the quietness of our lives as we go about doing the things, we do we plant the seeds of change. We quietly say no, we reject the undertones of slander and racism, we look at our own behaviour and beliefs and questions ourselves and our shadow sides. We look for the everyday opportunities to lift up those who need it. To see them and to let them know they matter.

We create new opportunities; we birth new ways, and we nurture ourselves and others to a new awareness of how things could be.

We breathe new life into old problems. We lead with our presence. That is the power that lives within all women.

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