The votex and the void

When I see see, hear or experience things multiple times in a short space of time I’ve learnt to stop and take notice. Sometimes the message is obvious and clear and other times I need to stop and reflect.

I had one of these moments last week.

Firstly, I received a book a few weeks ago from a business membership I belong to. The book is called the Gain and the Gap and is written by Dan Sullivan with Dr Benjamin Hardy.

In short it points out how we tend to focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be rather than the gains we have made from where we were to where we are now. So, think about it this way, if you have a goal to save $100k and you’re only up to $85k then your focus is on the $15k you haven’t achieved yet, not on the $85k you have. When we do this are in state of waiting and needing to get that last $15k.

Whereas if you focus on the gain – the thrill of having $85k, the gratitude of having the means and fortitude to be able to do it, you are in state of appreciation and wanting.

The second hint I received was during a webinar when the presenter talked about the quantum field and the void. She talked about the two energetic places we can hang out in. The void which is the place of waiting and needing and the quantum field the place of abundance and limitless possibility.

Thirdly, I’ve been listening to the Ester Hicks, a psychic channel who talks about our vortex. The place where our dreams and desires lie. The place that we tap into when we quieten our busy mind. Our place of inspiration and intuition.

The common thread between these thought leaders can be pegged down into one simple question.

How do you feel?

Do you feel good? Great. You are in the gain, the quantum field the vortex.

Do you feel bad? Bugger. You are in the gap, the void.

Now, this isn’t about being Polyanna it’s about being aware. It’s about noticing and then making a choice.

Do you feel crappy because you missed out on that promotion?

Or can you feel ok because you took a step towards where you want to go in your career, and you can see how much progress you have made from where you were a year ago?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you’ve experienced a really difficult relationship breakup and you need to grieve the loss of something significant?

Or, can you sit with the grief knowing it’s really hard but part of the process to recovery.

It’s not about polarising your feelings into negative and positive but opening yourself up to living in a higher vibrational frequency. One that will allow you to see and hear the opportunities and possibilities to grow and manifest that which you do desire.

Sometimes that might mean changing your focus for a while.

Remember what we focus on grows. So if you want to feel good then focus on feeling good.

If you focus on what makes you feel good, you’ll start feeling better, more hopeful and optimistic. This opens you up to seeing and finding solutions.

If you’re feeling bad, you’ll continue to feel bad and get stuck in that downwards spiral. In this state its harder to see opportunities and think of solutions.

So, ask yourself the simple question? How do I feel right now?

And, if it’s not how you want to feel then ask yourself what can I focus on to feel good?

Simple, easy and effective.

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