The witch, the wound and the sisterhood

So, I’ve had two viral social media posts in the past 6 weeks which is amazing but also exhausting! The first one was the inspiration for this project - so that’s affirming (see it on the home page) but the second was a random post about a term I had come across – witch wound, also known as the mother wound. Like many things that peak our interest I saw it three times before it stuck.

I saw it in a private facebook group where someone asked the question, I read about it in an unrelated book and then I heard it referenced in a podcast. So, I decided I need to dig a little deeper. Once I started, wow, a sense of familiarity arose. It was quite remarkable. You know that gut stirring feeling, that sixth sense, that inner knowing. I ordered and read Lisa Listers book “Witch Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic” and I was immediately taken back… back to when I was 17 and lying next to my boyfriend one night. We were staying over at his mothers’ place who lived out of town, so it was very quiet and very dark. We lay next to each other under the stars and I told him I was a witch. I can’t remember the context of the conversation, but I can remember how powerful I felt. He was somewhere between scared sh*tless and suitably impressed!

And then there was the psychic reading I had when I was in a very dark place in my early 30s’. These were the days before I realised I actually had a say over my life, I thought it was all fate and the best I could do was find out what was going to happen and prepare for it! When I arrived at the psycic’s house the electricity cut out. We had a very deep and esoteric session, which was not what I was expecting. She told me that I was a High Priestess of Avalon which I loved the idea of (clearly as I remember it almost 20 years later!). She also gave me some old amber earrings as it was my protection stone. I only recently moved them on and so I hope they’ve found a home with a sister who needs them. Oh, and the electricity came back on when we were done….

So, I have been mulling over all of this and thinking and contemplating this You.Done By Design community and offering and I’ve come to the conclusion that this “stuff” – acknowledgement of the witch wound, the celebration of our cyclical nature, the connection we have with the seasons, the elements and the moon, our deep intuitive knowing, our feminine energy and all the things that make us uniquely women needs to be a part of this. It needs to be called forward so we can live our sacred truth, be who we are and bring our own magic back into the modern world and just as importantly the modern workplace.

Imagine if we knew how to plan to the seasons and the moon instead of just the financial year, if we took the lead from our bodies and celebrated the ebb and flow of life – mentally, physically and emotionally - as mother nature intended us to. If we were no longer disconnected from the sisterhood. We felt a sense of belonging and connectedness, understanding that the wisdom of mother earth flows through each and everyone of us – whether we wear corporate suits, high heels and lipstick, work at home and stay in our PJ’s until lunchtime or juggle work, motherhood and all the responsibilities that come with modern living. Imagine if we could just glance at each other over a boardroom table, in a meeting or via an introductory handshake and just know – that together, as a sisterhood, we’ve got this.

Do you like the sound of the direction I’m heading in here?.…

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