Wanna reset your new normal - without the hype?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Have you experienced some good stuff that you’d like to keep after lockdown? Maybe it’s Friday night games night, zooming your parents instead of just or calling or texting, taking proper lunch breaks and getting out for a walk, finding some alone time and enjoying your own company or creating more meaningful relationships with your work colleagues as you check in with each other and build a relationship that’s more than just work focussed. There have been so many little things that I hear others have taken from this time of self-isolation. For me I’ve had the chance to discover my backyard. I’m lucky to have some amazing walking paths near where I live. Canberra is the bush capital in Australia, and you don’t have to walk too far to find a reserve, a park or a bike path. I’ve had the joy of watching Autumn roll in and really love a midday walk in the sun to break up my day, get some fresh air and re-energise.

While this all sounds very nice how do we make sure we keep these good things going as things start to return to “normal”. How do we manage to find our alone time, or midday break or convince the family to keep up the new games night ritual once we return the busyness of going back to the office, to school and the rest of “normal”. Change is easy when we need a whole life overhaul. It’s more difficult to have the momentum and the drive when its small “nice” changes. But what if these small nice changes where the sweeteners. The things that made life that little bit more joyful and took the edge off a difficult situation. What if we like ourselves and who we become better when we have these things in our life?

I don’t know about you, but I find the whole set yourself a goal, set a deadline and make a big sacrifice hype uninspiring. In fact, I have a heart-felt belief that as women we aren’t wired for that kind of doctrine and discipline. I think we are better packaged for a more gentle and purposeful approach. One that allows us to explore, feel and imagine. One that taps into our desire for growth, gratitude and connection. It’s these small changes, these micro decisions, the one degree moves that get us on the path. They don’t have to be big moves or bold statements -just decisions we make as to how things will be. And now is the perfect time to make your move as collectively we are all looking for what will be different.

So, if you’d like to reset your new normal and add a few of the sweeteners you’ve discovered over the past few months, I have put together my 5 step plan just for you. I promise there’s no hustle and grind, no big motivational talk and no need to make public declarations and set deadlines or track your progress. These are the steps I use to design my life to incorporate the things that are important to me. The things I want to be intentional about. So grab a cup of tea, light some candles, draw bath, do your thing.

Life is precious and so I do my life by design, not by default. And so should you.

PS Don't want to download the workbook? Thats ok too - head over to my Facebook page for some tips.

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