Welcome in discomfort

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

How lucky are we as women to have our own inbuilt barometer? Anywhere at any time we can check in with how we are feeling and make a choice as to what to do next. Our bodies contain all the wisdom and insight we need to deal with whatever gets thrown our way. Our intuition and relationship to the natural cycles, seasons and rhythms of life give us a deep connection to the source we originate from.


We’ve been taught to believe that unless we feel happy, joyful and positive then what we are feeling is bad. If we are feeling dissatisfied or discontent, we are ungrateful. If we are feeling tired and overwhelmed, then we can’t cope. If we can’t cope, then we have failed. If we are in pain, we are sent to the medicine cabinet and if we feel alone or unsupported, we are being selfish and should go and do something for someone else.

If we feel uncomfortable then we have to do whatever

we can to return to comfortable ASAP.

The thing is as cyclical, full bodies beings’, women naturally cycle through the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine, the seasons and the phases of the moon and the tide. We gain wisdom and shed old limiting beliefs as we renew and rejuvenate as we pass through these phases. Feeling all the feels is an important part of this. Modern days ideals of a pollyanna lifestyle only serves to keep us dissatisfied and in a perpetual state of shame.

So, if instead of suppressing the inevitable darker moments, instead we expressed them and gave ourselves the gift of living into them, then we could tap into the wisdom they give us. In the same way the pain of childbirth is nature’s way of keeping us informed and focussed as baby passes through the birth canal, the pains, disappointments and low points in life are our bodies signals we are creating, nurturing and birthing newer versions of ourselves.

It’s a gift. It’s our superpower. It’s time to get comfortable with discomfort and live fully into who we are. When we can do this, we get brave. We can become clear about what’s important to us and what type of world we want to live and lead in. We no longer worry about what other people think or say about us. We have infinite patience knowing that everything is exactly as it should be.

So, it’s time. Let’s listen closely and welcome the dark as well as the light and become the fullest and most abundant versions on ourselves – without shame and without apology!

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