What label do you wear?

Let’s talk about labels.

Do you ever scroll through your social media accounts and think, interesting but that’s not me, nope not me, not relevant that’s not me?

Yes? Me too.

As you can imagine I have a tonne of small business content on my feed asking me if I’m a 7 figure busines owner, want more high-paying clients, need the latest technology to get my courses out or want to invest to grow my business. And so it goes.

For you, you might see want to be a millionaire, want to move up to make a quantum leap in your career, want to retire before you’re 50? and so the questions continue according to what we consume and what some algorithm thinks about us, our interests and our aspirations.

For me I generally scroll past. I set up Done By Design a little over 9 months ago and so none of the labels in my feed felt relatable. Or so I thought.

That was until a few months ago when I was listening to a podcast about growing your business and it suddenly hit me. I own and run four businesses that turn over 7 figures and so even though I thought I wasn’t a seven-figure business owner, as most of the social media I consume relates only to my online business, I actually am. Can you imagine what this realisation has done to my approach to Done by Design? To my level of confidence to really step it up now I can label myself as a successful 7 figure businesswoman.

So, I want to challenge you about the labels you give yourself. If you added up all your assets including your superannuation would you be a millionaire? Or someone on the way to becoming one? Are you building a career and if so, are you “a CEO in the making” or an aspiring SES or C-Suiter? Are you “just a mum” or someone raising the next generation? Are you a someone’s partner or spouse or are you a sensual lover?

Too often we label, ourselves with where we think we are rather than where we are going. If you change your label from what you think you are to what you aspire to become, like me now, you will be surprised at how different the lens is that you view your world through and therefore what action you take to verify this truth – this becoming.

In the same way if you call yourself generous even when you don’t have anything to give, a leader even if you don’t have a team, a lover even if you’re not in an intimate relationship, in good health even though you want to be or healthier or dealing with health issues ,then your approach to life and the decisions you make will be aligned with this vision of you.

This has been a game changer for me in my online business and in my life. It can be the same for you. Give it a go. I’d love to hear what label you are going to take on. Send me an email, comment below or share in my social feeds. Make your declaration!

PS. I set this as a task when I was running a waste free challenge earlier this year. This is what some of the challengers had to say when asked which of the 10 challenges I set was their favourite.

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