When no means no

Have you ever woken up and just known that despite the fact you have responsibilities, or the fact you know other are expecting something from you, you just can’t do it? You don’t have the energy or the inclination.

I had that experience earlier this week.

The night before I’d prepared everything. I knew what the next day was to hold and I went to bed with my alarm set and ready to jump out of bed and do what was planned to be done. Only when I woke up, I just knew I didn’t have it in me. I didn’t have the energy or the inclination to “push through”, make do, or pretend I felt great when I didn’t. So instead, I said NO and rolled back over in bed and went back to sleep!

Now I know that many of you would be shocked to hear this. That you would NEVER let the team down like I did.

To be honest it’s not something I often do but for a variety of reasons it was the right thing for me to do on this particular day.

You see,

  • What was required was not life and death. Hubby could handle it on his own.

  • And, to be honest he’d pe’ed me off and I didn’t have the energy to put up with him that day either. I just knew it wouldn’t be pretty!

  • I manage my energy and my psychological state like my life depends on it – because it does! That means when I feel like this, I know exactly what to do. I know to let it pass, not to try and push and hustle my way through it.

You see, as women we are cyclical. We don’t turn up exactly the same everyday and when we tune in and let our bodies be the guide in managing and dealing with what life requires of us, we can use this wisdom to our advantage. We know in advance when we need to rest and when we have the capacity to work hard.

We can avoid those awkward outbursts, over the top reactions and snappiness some of us might be known for!

So, with all that in mind it makes perfect sense, right?

Imagine how things could be if we could apply the same sensibleness to other parts of our life – like work? If when we tapped into where we are at and how we were feeling and then ask ourselves:

Am I mentally ready for this meeting/conversation/planning session?

Am I bringing the right energy? Or does something need to shift or change?

Is it better if I don’t turn up?

Can someone else step in for me or can it be rescheduled?

Imagine that – bringing our whole, real, authentic selves to work!

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