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You have taken the first step in becoming the confidence you want to have to become the leader and the woman you want to be! When we become that which we desire we place ourself in the best position to take the inspired action needed to achive success. To make the most of these resources: 

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Listen to the Hypnotherapy Recording (below) each day for 28 days. It's ok to fall asleep while listening if you choose to do it before you go to sleep at night

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Write in your journal each day. Either print out the one provided or simply use the daily prompts to write in your own. This is an important part of the process allowing you to embody your ideas and experiences at each of the five layers of your being. 

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Use the daily tracker  to stay focussed and demonstrate to yourself each day that you can follow through on the committments you make - building self trust is key to personal transformation.  

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Join my private facebook page - The Embodied Leader - for full support, insight and inspiration!


Then check out my website and you will find a bunch of FREE goodies on my Resources Page, my regular Blog with tips, ideas, thoughts and inspiration on a range of topics, as well as all the information you need to go on the waitlist for my two courses (below) that I'll be running in the second half of 2022 and my current Coaching Package

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Got any questions or want to chat to see if these are the programs for you? Email me at info@donebydesign.com.au