Summer is the season of long hot, dry days. It’s a time when we are nourished and sustained by the sun. We feel the warmth as we spend lazy summer holidays outdoors, swimming in the ocean, having a picnic in the park or fishing by a river.


The days are longer and nights are warm. We no longer need to hibernate, and we’ve removed the layers of excess clothing. We feel free, bountiful and full of adventure as we anticipate a new year ahead. Aghh... I can hear you sigh from here! 

As a working woman myself (bio below) with multiple businesses, including Done By Design where I help busy women such as yourself live from the heart to transform the way life and work is done, I understand how demanding life can be and how the seasons can come and go amongst the busyness of your to-do list. 

So I'd like to invite you to kick your heels off and join me for 5 days from Tuesday December 1 to embrace the energy of summer through 5 days of Affirmations, that you can use all summer long! Oh and did I say its FREE?

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Did you know we process millions of pieces of information from our surroundings per second, but our conscious mind can only processes around 50 pieces of information per second. This information is filtered and so what makes it through is dependent on what we focus on – where focus goes energy flows. 
Reciting affirmations is a simple but powerful way to ensure we focus, take action and therefore attract the things in life we desire. 



When You Sign Up:

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Monday, 30th of November 

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From Tuesday 1st December - Saturday 5th December

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You'll also receive weekly emails with my best tips, ideas and inspiration to help you win at work and in life. If you change your mind you can unsubscribe anytime. 



As a former senior leader and now a multiple business owner, I'm passionate about women living their best lives. You see I just KNOW that when women are empowered, passionate and at their best they can change the world! 

I do this by helping women stay in their careers by building their confidence to lead from the heart and transform the way business and life is done. 

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