"Go from feeling tired, frustrated and defeated by the “system” which you held so much hope for as you climbed the career ladder into a powerful role model, living and working with purpose and a renewed sense of balance, as you rediscover the leader you were destined to be".


Beta course starts 22nd March 2021

  • Have you done all the leadership training and are competent in your job. You understand budgets, how to manage a project and how to motivate a team but you want more? Have you loved the emotional intelligence bits and are now wondering what's next? Are you still trying to find the leadership style that works for you? The one that gives you confidence and takes you to the next level? 

  • Do you love your job, feel great at work but are afraid you're not ready for the next promotion even though everyone tells you that you are and you are excited about the possibility?

  • Are you worried that if you do progress your career you'll be caught up in the politics and turn into someone you're not? A more ballsy version of you? 

  • Have you worked hard to get where you are in your career but as much as you love it you hate the constant hustle and grind and that neck ache…? You know the one you get from constantly looking over your shoulder?

  • That you would be sought out to share your experience and expertise?

  • That you would be trusted to make decisions and lead your team confidently towards the goals and vision you set for them in line with the organisations objectives? 

  • That you would be treated equitably and fairly regardless of your gender, race or sexual identity?

  • That professional differences would be respected and that voicing your opinion would add to the organisational dialogue promoting innovation and progression? 

  • That you would continue to learn and grow in your career and be supported by workplace mentors and a boss that had your best interests at heart? 

  • That you would feel invigorated, capable and in pursuit of career advancement and opportunities to showcase your skills and expertise?

Only to find it's not like that at all. That work can feel lonely and stressful and being a leader is harder than you expected. That you find yourself called to do and become someone you barely even recognise anymore? 

Welcome to the world of the modern working woman!

“I knew what I was getting into when I chose to pursue my career so I just have to put up with it”

“The kids won't need me as much soon and then it will be easier”

“I have to toughen up otherwise everything I've worked for will be for nothing” 

“We're used to a standard of living now so I have no choice but to suck it up and do what has to be done to keep my job secure “

“I can’t complain or say anything because I should be grateful for what I have” 

"I'll fit in better if I do it their way”. 


These thoughts are normal and more common than you think. 

And if you’re thinking these thoughts it's NOT because there’s something wrong with you or you’re not good enough or because you’ve somehow failed. 

It’s because as women we’re expected to change who we are to fit into a mans world. This means as ambitious women we have to leave ourselves behind or be rejected by the very "system" we have worked so hard to become a part of. 

Now before we get any further let me be clear I don't "blame men"  and I am not a man hater. In fact, I love men and have three of my own that I adore (see I even put a pic with me and my beloved). BUT I do believe the workplace is skewed and that it's going to be up to another generation of brave badass women to continue to stand up & call out the things that just aren't right.  The "system" needs to change. 


It means that despite all the changes and advances that have been made towards gender equality, the underlying social systems and structures are broken. We continue to live in a patrichial era that is built on masculine traits and energy - the energy of doing. The hustle and grind that permeates every part of our lives. For as long as activity and achievement in the pursuit of personal power through economic advantages remains as the primary driver of a modern society we will continue to see significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of ourselves our families and our communities. Something needs to change. We need more balance. Yin and Yang. Masculine AND feminine.  


It means that regardless of our gender we are all made up of masculine and feminine energy and as women we tend to carry more feminine energy. However, the modern workplace, particularly amongst the leadership ranks, requires us to be more in our masculine. The further we stray from the balance of our natural state the more overwhelmed, stressed and anxious we become particularly given the additional responsibilities we juggle at home. Many women leaders compensate for this trying to control their environment and becoming even more in their masculine. This hardness and loss of self is what's role modelled to young ambitious women.  It's no wonder many women opt out of senior leadership roles before they even become an option. 


It means that even though woman are cyclical by nature, we live in a linear world. Regardless of what stage of life you find yourself in, energetically we cycle every 28 days. The working world revolves around a 24 hour time frame. Therefore, we have to adapt and in doing so go against our natural rhythms and flows. Consider that many women rise to senior leadership positions during perimenopause/menopause. We have been socialed to believe that our menstural cycle is inconvenient. Instead of celebrating the miracles we are and the wisdom that resides in us as we age we feel"cursed" reinforcing the beliefs that our bodies let us down and we can't trust our inner knowing. 


It means that even though history has shown us that women survive through being part of the "sisterhood" - sharing a common understanding and working together to improve their communities, this power base has been decimated. Women carry the mother wound – a generational wound that goes back to rise of the patriarchy where women healers and intuitives (witches) were burnt at the stake for speaking out. Women’s “magic” was feared and through a process of demonisation women were not only shamed and publicly outed for their wisdom but also turned against each other destroying the foundations of the sisterhood. This shame and fear lives on, passing through each generation silencing women keeping us small and disconnected. No where is this more present than in the modern workforce where leaders are competing against each other for resources, recognition and promotion. And where the absence of women makes those present feel like they need to work harder and prove themselves even more.


Now we've got that out on the table let me tell you what I know about you

  • You want to be a well regarded, respected leader and a change-maker. But, you're sick of having to play the politics, the constant hustle and grind and you really don't want to have to grow b*lls to prove you have what it takes. You do what you have to do as your mission is more important than your ideals. 

  • You've done the corporate suite of leadership training. You understand how to manage a budget, how to manage a team and how to manage a project. And yet you feel like there is something missing. You haven't found your groove yet. You know, that "thing" that makes you, you. You're still looking outside yourself to find that missing piece. 

  • You love being part of the leadership team but wish you could speak up about things that you feel uncomfortable about. Such as those times when you know what's been decided is logical and makes sense on paper but your gut is telling you something else and you just want to slow the process down and discuss it a little more. Or, when someone says something that you feel has an undercurrent of slander, sexism or racism and everyone rolls their eyes (again) but no-one says anything.

  • You love your life. You're good at your job, you have the family life you always wanted but you are tired. That in your bones exhaustion that comes from trying to be everything to everyone. You're also a little lonely, the lonely that comes from not being able to be vulnerable - to express how hard things can be, how you sometimes feel like an imposter and not good enough for the responsibilities you have. After all everyone looks up to you and if you were to express any weakness you fear someone will find out and it will be used against you. 

Happy Leadership .jpg
  • Find time to DREAM again. You know those long lazy dreams you used to share with your friends lying in the park basking in the warmth of the sun ready to change the world. 

  • Find the rituals and routines that reconnect you to your truest self. Ones that allow you to continue to unravel and DISCOVER what lies beneath the layers of conditioning and years of being "a good girl". 

  • Discover those unconscious habits and  DISRUPT the limiting beliefs and social ideals that are keeping  you small even though you have big ambitions. 

  • DEVELOP your relationship patterns and make space for growth and understanding so you can connect more deeply with your partner,  have fun with your kids, have guilt free girl time and set healthy boundaries. All the while pursuing your career with the passion and drive you are known for, knowing that you have all the resources within you to pursue the things that are important to you regardless of the season you find yourself in. 

  • Make decisions, be clear about your priorities and listen closely to your own inner wisdom to DESIGN your life in a way that supports you and the wellbeing of your family, friends, colleagues and community. 


I am excited to invite you to join me as a founding member of Leadership. Done By Design. An online course and membership you can come back to over and over again as life changes and evolves, with me Emma Mason, mindset mentor and coach. I am passionate about women living into their potential. You see I believe that empowered women who live passionate lives can change the world and the world needs leaders who aren't afraid to show more kindness, more compassion and more connection. When we as women step into our superpowers we live and lead with out hearts. We role model what's possible and we inspire a new generation to do the same. 

Before I understood the power of taking charge and designing of my own life on my terms: 

  • I thought life was fate and set in stone and  that we just had to prepare for what would be thrown our way. That I had little say in how it would play out, and that the only power I held was how I chose to react. 

  • I became a single mum of three kids under 9, moved state and gave up my entrepreneurial dreams to do the responsible thing and get a “safe” job. I did what was expected of me, not knowing that I had other choices.

  • I remarried and survived the tumultuous years of raising teenagers with a step-parent, and that took our relationship to the edge on many occasions. Statistically (and emotionally) it should never have survived. 

  • I lived with all the things – great career, family, houses, cars, overseas holidays but I also lived with a constant feeling of worry and dread. I felt it could all fall apart at any moment and that I just needed to keep moving to keep it all together. That I was the glue and it was on my shoulders to make sure that no one else had to carry the burden. 

  • I people pleased my way through my career and when I reached more senior levels of management I fought becoming “one of the boys” and eventually resigned from a career I’d loved because I didn’t know how to navigate the stress that came from working in a way that didn’t align with my values, my rythms or how I saw myself. 

  • I run four separate businesses all of which I’m navigating through Corona Virus. I’m not stressed and I’m not worried. I know I have everything I need to survive and thrive though hard times. 

  • I work more effectively, and I am more energised than ever before because I listen to my body and am guided by it. 

  • I’m clear on where I’m heading and who I am becoming. I can change my mind on how I get there and I no longer fear what other people will think or say. 

  • I am in a deeply committed and loving relationship because I learnt to swap expectation with anticipation.

  • I admire my three young adult children from afar knowing I have given them what they need to make their way in the world. 

  • My life is simple and I choose not to allow stress, fear or worry be the predominant factor in my decisions.  Instead I align my decisions with my dreams, aspirations and my intuition. 

And, if it helps I have a Bachelor in Arts (Psychology) a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and a Masters in Knowledge Management (organisational culture) as well as a 25 year career spanning Organisational Learning and Development, in both the private and public sector, spending the last 5 years of my corporate career in Human Resources Management.


I don’t have a silver bullet and your leadership development won’t be over in 12 weeks. I can guide you, prompt you, prod you and ask you hard questions but you have to do the work. Leading with intention is a way of working not an event –  and this is why it’s a course and a membership. As a founding member you get both FOR THE LIFE OF THE PROGRAM (which I hope will be a very long time!)

....you want to commit to becoming the leader that you were destined to be. If you are prepared to do the hard work and be satisfied that even though you might be shut down that someone in the room is witnessing and learning. Someone is changing their view and someone is making a commitment to be more like you when they get the opportunity to. If you are open to rediscovering the feminine that lies deep within and are curious about how working with your cycles, seasons and the moon can improve your experience as a leader then we're going to create magic together! I have a 5 phase framework that I will take you through. It’s a framework you can come back to time and time again as you evolve as a leader and grow in your career. 



In the future the course alone will sell for $1995.00  and there will be an ongoing monthly membership fee that provides access and learning via a private Facebook group. But for the beta version only starting 22nd March 2021 there is a once only, never to be repeated price of $695.00 for both the course and life-time membership to the community. This iteration of the course will be run live online so I’ll support you every step of the way. In fact we'll work together. I'll deliver the course to you and you get to give me feedback. We'll shape this baby together!

In exchange for awesome deal this I’ll ask you to: 

  • Commit to the entire 12 week program (recordings will be available). 

  • Complete the weekly exercises

  • Participate regularly in the Facebook group. 

  • Provide regular feedback (feedback form will be provided) to inform the development of the course

  • Provide an honest but detailed testimonial at the end 


For the skimmers, a quick recap. This is a NEVER TO BE REPEATED OFFER. I am offering you the beta version of my course Leadership.Done By Design at the ridiculously low price of $695.00 in exchange for your commitment, feedback and a testimonial at the end.   I have over 20 years experience in designing and delivering innovative, thought provoking, leadership training programs and this one will be no different. I understand that personal growth and development is a life long pursuit and so I will give you my 5 phase model and LIFE TIME access to my community so you can continue to grow as life changes and evolves. 

In the future I will sell this program for $1995.00 and offer ongoing access to the community through a monthly membership. 

To access this NEVER TO BE REPEATED OFFER, stay up to date with developments, and be advised when enrolments will open, register your interest here:

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