Summer Blessings

We’re less than two weeks out from Summer here in Australia. We are famous for our long hot, summers days, our gorgeous white sandy beaches, our abundance of green space and shady tress and now of course our bushfires too. Like all living things the seasons have their light and their shadow sides.

We’ve just booked an idyllic holiday house down on the coast. I can already smell the sea air, imagine myself lying out on the deck with a trashy book, sunset walks along the beach and getting tumbled by the waves in the sea as we swim through them.

This is the type of holiday house I would have on my Pinterest vison board if I had one! It’s right by the sea with huge wrap around verandas, open plan and enough room for our kids and their partners and families to come and hang with us at varying times during our stay.

I’m currently manifesting one of these.

Now I don’t say this lightly and I know that there is a lot of uncertainty and fear in the world right now. But I think more than ever we need to be driven by hope and optimism. Talking about the laws of manifestation sounds a bit woo and out there but as science catches up with the previously unexplained magic that lives within all of us, we can start to understand how we can enjoy and have fun with this superpower while bringing about a life we love, with intention, even when times are hard.

So, for me manifesting my beach house looks like this:

  • Remembering and feeling into my experiences of summer holidays with my kids and extended family at my parents’ house. The sights, the smells, the chaos and the emotions.

  • Embracing and becoming who I am when I see myself in this picture – the provider of somewhere the family can gather, connect and create lasting memories, someone who is outdoors, healthy and taking in all life has to offer, someone who works flexibly from anywhere, anytime.

  • Living as though the dream has already actualised by renting a property and having the summer holidays exactly as I imagine them to be.

  • Taking action by putting the financial steps in place to make this part of our future.

  • Talking about it with my hubby and others in my social circle. Talking about my dreams and aspirations has become a part of my vernacular.

As you can see manifesting is about creating a deep knowing and unwavering belief of what’s possible and then taking action from that position of confidence.

I build that inner confidence everyday using a number of techniques and one of my favourites is affirmations. What we say to ourselves has a direct impact on what action we are prepared to take and it’s that action that steps us towards the attainment our goals. So, when used effectively affirmations are a cheap, easy and fun way to stay focussed and take the next right step to manifest those dreams.

As women we are hardwired by our ancestors to undertake rituals – it’s in our DNA. And it is for this reason that at the beginning of each season I run a free 5 Days of Seasonal Affirmations program. It’s a modern twist on a time-honoured tradition to embrace the changes each season brings and set our intentions accordingly.

There is something magical about creating rituals and doing it with others. It feels a bit like a homecoming.

I’d love you to join me.

You can get more information and sign up here.


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